Milkshake's outdoor training rides stress various physical, handling and tactical skills to better prepare riders for the rigours of racing.

Training rides are also done for fun, to catch up with mates, and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Coached training rides are taken by Cycling Australia certified coaches.
  • General group training rides have a designated ride-leader.
  • All riders MUST have a current Cycling Australia licence (Ride+ or Race)

Start Locations

Start locations are set per ride.

Respect and Safety

If you miss the ride leader's briefing you must not join the ride until you have received an on-road briefing.

  • 1st offence of the week, buy the ride leader a coffee
  • 2nd offence of the week, buy all riders a coffee


Coaching programs include unlimited outdoor sessions.

Code of Conduct

Please review our code of conduct and terms and conditions for outdoor rides.

Casual Rides

Non members can join most rides, but they must have a current site membership (which includes health information).

Your site membership must include a registered credit card so we can charge you for a casual ride. Cash is inconvenient.

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