Ben Walding

Relevant Qualifications

  • Level 1 - Road and Track Cycling Coach - Advanced and State Level Competition Cyclists
  • Level 2 - Road and Track Cycling Coach (in progress) - Elite and National Level Competition Cyclists
  • First Aid, CPR, Working with Children Check

Ben took up triathlon in 2005 in an effort to lose the weight that too much sedentary lifestyle had handed him. After dabbling in triathlons from sprint to half-Ironman, Ben decided to retire from triathlon and focus on his burgeoning semi-pro cycling career.

Ben joined Activ in the early days, progressed through the ranks and has more recently decided to take up coaching to further develop his cycling and coaching skills.

As a non-elite and non-genetically gifted cyclist, Ben knows what it is like to suffer riding up-hill, face training in the morning after a sleepless night with sick children, and to struggle with consistency in the cold and dark of winter. If you're looking for some advice out on the road - he is more than willing to offer something more than platitudes such as "pedal harder" / "be better" / "be shorter" / "please stop smoking".


Ben's focus within Activ is on the outdoor component of the program - managing the outdoor program and the cycle racing teams.

Ben also designs and develops the software to support the indoor training program. The software that Activ uses is largely custom developed to match Activ's world-class facility - providing a personalised training experience for all members.


Ben designs the outdoor program and delivers it on his weekday and weekend training rides. Ben also develops and delivers personalised coaching programs to athletes who range from local club competitors through to A grade and National champions.


Ben's palmar├Ęs includes a top 10 placing in the Australian Physics Olympiad two decades ago.

In 2014 Ben competed for the 5th time at Battle on the Border - after losing 15kg and following a restructured training plan he went on to achieve 2nd place in general classification standing.

This loss of weight proved decisive in improving results in open B grade.


When he's not cycling

Ben works professionally as the global Engineering Operations Manager for CloudBees, Inc - based out of the USA. This is why he is often seen having a coffee when normal people are getting ready for work.