Time Trial Program

The Milkshake Racing Time Trial program is aimed at both new / beginner cyclists and experienced cyclists who are looking for something a little different to just going out and doing river or Redcliffe loops.

Do you want to

  • focus on time-trial to improve performance at Battle on the Border?
  • prepare for the Lifecycle Classic (a TTT style road race)
  • race in a team time trial at "States" in July or "Nationals" in October

Time-trial is the purest style of bike racing and is often known simply as "the race against the clock" or "the race of truth".

It is an intensely individual effort as you ride with only the wind in your ears and your heart and lungs exploding from the sustained effort!

Program Elements

The program focusses on key areas through a progressive training program including
  • baseline performance
  • conditioning / stretching / position on bike
  • nutrition
  • pacing (relative pacing strategies)
  • skills (cornering / ascending)
  • tapering / peaking
  • race day preparation and execution