The Battle

Battle on the Border ("Battle" or BOTB) is an annual 4-stage cycling race that is held in May in the Tweed Valley (Murwillumbah).

This race has become an annual pilgrimage and rite of passage for Milkshake Racing cyclists who train hard for many months to have the best possible chance of beating personal bests and their team-mates if possible!

Battle on the Border is a fantastic experience whether you are in the running for a top 10 finish in your grade, or just wanting to try your hand at one of the harder road race series on the calendar.


Our Battle on the Border program is designed and run by our head coaches who also race the tour (Masters A/B). It is a one-size-fits-most program that is suitable for Mens Masters B/C riders and Womens A/B/C riders and Mens Elite B/C.

If you've never raced before then you will be racing in one of these grades (there is no Masters D grade racing at Battle).

Looking for a personalised program to give you the edge?


Our coaches know what happens when you throw inexperienced riders into racing - they crash - or they take out other riders - and everyone has a bad day.

Our programs include a significant amount of road/track training and coaching that bring you up to speed for racing. Our coaches all race various disciplines, and are certified coaches in those disciplines - Level 1 + 2 Road and Track Cycling Coaches).


2017 sees Milkshake fielding a squad that boasts strong riders across all grades.

You do not have to race with the Milkshake Racing team to use the Milkshake program. So if you're currently racing with another team / club you are still welcome to join our training program.

It's not all about the bike

The best part of Battle on the Border is that it's not all about the training and racing. Being able to come back and have a coffee or a chocolate thickshake afterwards and have a good laugh about dropping the marked rider over and over on the climbs is what makes it all worthwhile.

Time Efficient

Our program is an incredibly time-efficient program that will not require you to go out on epic weekend rides every weekend (unless you have the time and motivation to do so).

Our coaches have lives outside of cycling and know what it takes to manage cycling and family together.

And having survived previous Battle training programs, they know what it's like to race as normal masters athletes that aren't genetically gifted.

Getting started

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