Racing with Milkshake

If you've been riding for a while, and have conquered many of the local climbs and Fondos, then you are likely looking for new challenges. Milkshake has a comprehensive racing program that takes riders from beginner through to National programs - developing speed, stamina, endurance and tactics along the way.

Our racing development is done on the road, and is augmented by group training.

  • general physical and skills training
  • specific training for race events
  • ride to/from events
  • socialise and discuss all those tactics that seemed like a good idea at the time
Milkshake Racers before the racing starts

Who can race


Racing is done at several different levels, from our fun and social weekend events, to club-level racing every month, to open racing.

If you've got a bike, and a desire to challenge yourself and others, then there is a level of racing that will meet your needs.

Getting Started

  1. Register at Queensland Cycling - Registration - you will need to select a club - if you want to race in the Milkshake kit, then you will need to join Kangaroo Point Cycling Club (KPCC). We recommend KPCC.
  2. Signup on the mailing list
  3. Email with any questions or advice on when the next appropriate race will be.

Race Progression

We recommend that you come down for our outdoor session at Nundah and Murarrie. These are training sessions that stress some of the skills of racing.

Once you've done some training sessions and have demonstrated the ability to hold your line, corner, brake and accelerate suitably you will be able to race in the beginner crits as part of the Kangaroo Point club. Once you've completed several criteriums you will be assessed and we will recommend the next open races.

Mailing List

We have a dedicated mailing list for racing.

Please email for more information.

Facebook Group

We also have a closed Facebook group that members can use to organise training or other events.

Please email for more information.