Which group?

We are often asked by new riders - "which group should I go in?"

Our general advice is to go with a group that's easier than you think you need for your first ride. The worst case scenario will be that you have a nice easy ride and can try a stronger group next week.

Always introduce yourself to the headcoach if you're new to outdoor riding - they'll make sure the coach for your group knows you're new so they can keep an eye on you during the ride.

Average Speed

Average speeds are based on rolling time (and so don't include stops), they do however count slowing down and speeding up at lights. This can yield quite low average speeds for a ride that is actually moving fairly quickly.

It is not uncommon to see a strong group of riders ride the river-loop quite hard and return with an average speed of just 32km/h. This would include long sections at 40km/h and so is not for the faint of heart.

No Rider Left Behind

Why are we so prescriptive about rider levels?

Many outdoor rides (shop / club / Facebook / "Zupps") are relatively unstructured, with everyone just turning up at a specific time for a roll around Brisbane. If you have a flat or can't keep up, you might be left behind - especially if no-one notices you struggling on a climb or during an effort.

We will never just leave you behind - we will always discuss your options for the rest of the ride (taxi, train, ride home on your own) and make sure that both you and the coach are comfortable with the solution.

Our Responsibility

Our coaches take their responsibility very seriously, and if they've recommended you go in a group then it is their responsibility to make sure your ride is successful. Of course sometimes there are factors outside of their or your control.

Your Responsibility

Your responsibility is to let us know if you're struggling - we do know what to look for, but everyone handles fatigue in a different way. The earlier we know, the earlier we can start working on getting you back safely using every trick up our sleeves!

Terms and Conditions


Level Description
Social / Beginner

The social / beginner rides are either an easy river-loop; or on an upgrade ride the shortest route (e.g. 55km to Wynnum).

Typically the social group averages around 25-27km/hr. They won't stop on a river loop, but they will have a short break on a ride out to Wynnum/Manly/Lota.

Riders in this group will typically cycle for 2-4 hours per week and initially be cycling for enjoyment. They will ordinarily do at least 1 structured indoor session per week.

Skinny Latte

The skinny latte group is the first of the groups that heads out towards the hills of Brisbane. They will go to place like Wellington Pt, Sandgate, Brookfield, Samford, Fig-Tree-Pocket.

They will do skills drills and efforts (e.g. a 15 minute time-trial) under the guidance of their coaches.

Average speed for this group is 27-30km/h

Riders in this group will typically cycle for 5-8 hours per week and have a structured interval program with 3-4 rest days per week

Intermediate / Advanced

Intermediate / Advanced riders typically ride together and are differentiated during the efforts. The coach may decide to let the intermediate level riders go on an effort with a 1 min / 10km head start - and then send the advanced riders on a chase.

Depending on the group composition there may be more advanced race skills and tactics, close riding, pace-lines and other safe individual race simulations. As we ride on open roads, safety is always our primary concern and we will forgo these efforts if conditions dictate.

Average speed for this group is 30+ km/h

Riders in this group will typically cycle for 8+ hours per week and have a structured interval program with 1-3 rest days per week.

Upgrade Rides

Activ also has monthly upgrade rides where you can test your legs with a stronger group.

As the groups go out along the same route, a rider who is having a bad day can drop back to an easier group at one of two points. Conversely, a rider who has been riding easy all day can upgrade either at the start of the ride, at one of the meeting points.

Speak to a coach about the best option for you!

Wynnum Upgrade Ride

  • Wynnum / Manly / Lota - 55km - Social Group
  • Wellington Point - 75km - Skinny Latte Group
  • Cleveland - 95km - Intermediate Group