Below you will find our general service levels and the inclusions in each service level.

You are welcome to book any service level, and then specify additional changes that may be required

For example before a major race you might decide to treat your bicycle to:

For cable replacement we include a followup tune-up of the gears once the cables have stretched (generally after 1-2 weeks of riding).

Clean & Lube Basic Service Intermediate Service Full Service
Price $49 $99 $149 $199
Full Bike Wash $15
(no charge for members)
(no charge for members)
Lubrication of moving external parts
Check and adjust gears
Check and adjust brakes
True minor wheel buckles
Check and adjust headset
Check and tighten wheel nuts and quick releases
Check and tighten saddle and seat post
Check and tighten handlebars
Check and tighten cranks and pedals
Check and lubricate chain
Check tyre pressure
Full drive-train degrease
Bike stripping
to basic parts, cleaning and regreasing, and a complete rebuild
Recommended every 1-2 months 6 months 6 months 12 months
Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now
We recommend that you learn how to clean and lubricate your chain so you can do this weekly. Then let us do a thorough job every 1 - 2 months.
All services are inclusive of labour only. Parts and accessories are extra.

Phone 0412 066 881 or contact us for quotes on repairs not listed or to book your bike in for its next service.