As you know, cycling is great fun, and can let you see the world. But if you've not done the right preparation, it can ruin the holiday of a lifetime.

Between poor weather, unreliable friends (who hasn't had their phone go off early in the morning - "Sorry - can't make it this morning"!) - it can be difficult to maintain a regular schedule of training and preparation.

Or perhaps you know you want more from your cycling, but you're not sure what challenges are available or how to get there?

Activ has a complete line-up of services that will help you achieve your goals

Regular group rides
Out riding with a bunch of new and old friends who care about your welfare, and are more than happy to catch for a coffee after the ride.
Indoor cycling
Activ's indoor cycling lets you do high quality and time efficient training in the morning - at lunchtime or in the evening - all in air conditioned comfort that isn't affected by rain or heat.
Structured training
Our structured training combines highly efficient "intervals" with classic courses from around the world. You can race your friends (even if they don't know you are!)

Activ's coaching line-up is highly qualified and motivated with certified cycling coaches that have successfully training their athletes to National champion levels.

Don't worry if you're not at that level - they're all experienced master's athletes and know how to mix cycling and families / jobs / lifestyle.