We've all   been there - looking to lose some weight - gain some fitness or just try something new.

Cycling is a great activity that can enable you to meet new or old friends, get you outside and work as part of a general fitness program.

But getting started can be difficult! You need to know so many things about bikes, and riding, and road rules and where you can ride. It can be a daunting challenge that quickly overwhelms you and stops you before you reach the fun part.

This is where Activ can help with our

Our programs are focussed around general health, a variety of indoor and outdoor riding styles.

Activ's indoor centre is open year round, and eliminates the frustration experienced when it is raining for weeks on end stopping your outdoor riding.

By starting new riders indoors, we can evaluate your strengths and target skills and fitness before heading out onto the road.

Our multi-level outdoor rides cater for 3 different rider levels so that you have a clear path to improve. It is not uncommon to see devoted new cyclists to quickly from beginner to intermediate groups as they build fitness and skills.

Every outdoor road is taken by an experienced cycling coach with current first-aid and coaching experience. Unlike some group rides, we never leave a rider stranded or "dropped" if they can't keep up.