Cycling is great way to get fit, stay healthy, meet new people and see the world!

Beginners Road Skills Course

  • Never cycled on the road before?
  • Returning to cycling?
  • Recreational cyclist looking to get in shape for a big ride?
Our beginners road skills course is for you!

Every few months we hold a beginners training course to help people get started in the leisure or sport of road and group cycling and those who wish to refresh their bike skills.

This three week cycling course includes:

  • A basic bike safety explanation & checklist
  • 2 indoor CompuTrainer sessions to build your confidence changing gears, changing position on your bike and improve your fitness
  • 2 skills sessions covering skills from mounting, dismounting, cornering, climbing, descending & riding in a group
  • 1 road ride covering all of the above, including safety while in traffic
  • Full use of the centre for additional indoor sessions
  • Great value - at only $99 for the 5 sessions
  • Strictly limited numbers - for personal attention - so be quick and join our next beginners course here or phone us on (07) 3172 1156.
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Professional guidance from our qualified and experienced coaches.

We have a range of coaches with various qualifications and experience in different aspects of cycling.

  • Road - experienced in riding on the road, close quarters riding and racing
  • Mountain biking - experienced in the finer points of descending, technical bike handling
  • Triathlon - time trial skills, transitions, running off the bike
  • Track - track racing and skills
  • Exercise Physiology - how to get the most out of your training


When you start riding you will often be nervous and quite uncomfortable on the bike. With experience and practice you will learn to relax and become a better rider in the process.

Some examples of how confidence helps your riding -

  • Relaxing your upper body helps your bike absorb vibrations from uneven road surfaces
  • Balancing your weight over bike helps you descend and brake more safely
  • Loosening your grip on the handlebars reduces fatigue in arms and neck


Activ incorporates our advance indoor training system into your beginner program to improve physical strength and fitness.

Scientific studies show that interval training - while tough - is the fastest way to safely build fitness that is suitable for riding out on the road.

During the beginners course you will get a taste of the possibilities of indoor training to safely supplement your outdoor riding in a time efficient manner.

Handling Skills

Learning the basics of cornering and descending will make you a much safer rider once out on the road. By practicing these skills in no-traffic environments you can gain the skills and confidence that will transfer to your outdoor rides.

Some skills for descending that you will be taught to apply are

  • relaxing your inside arm
  • looking where you want to go through the corner
  • unloading the inside pedal, and pushing down hard on the outside pedal to help limit shock coming off road
  • counter-steering your bike using light pressure to direct the bike in the preferred direction.
Bike Care

Going out for a ride only to have it cut short by a basic mechanical issue is a massive frustration for most new riders.

  • Learn how to change a tube and tyre quickly and correctly
  • Notice problems on your bike before they become catastrophic
  • Understand how your choice of gears affects chain wear

Cycling is an incredibly social activity - pairing you with riders (outdoors) who often share many of the same interests and passions (e.g. cycling).

Many of our beginners have tried cycling before, but have given up when the weather got too hot, cold or rainy. They'd tried riding with friends, but all too often the Saturday morning ride was called off at 5am in a deluge of text messages with varied excuses - some more more legitimate than others.

However once they joined Activ they found knowing that a group ride would always be available allowed them to gain consistency in their cycling that led to real improvements in fitness, permanent weight-loss (that they'd struggled with for decades) and new social circles of friends who were more interested in having a more sensible Friday night (most of the time!) and getting out for ride on Saturday.

Indoor Training

To build your fitness as quickly as possible, you are welcome to use the centre (as often as is sensible!) to build your fitness ready for your first forays onto the road.

Your account on this website will give you access to book sessions between the first indoor session and final road session.


  • Thursday, September 1st – 5:30pm – 7:00pm - Activ Indoor Session
  • Thursday, September 8th – 5:30pm - 7:00pm - Activ Indoor Session
  • Saturday, September 3rd – 6:30am to 8:30am - Suncorp Stadium and surrounds (leaves from Activ)
  • Saturday, September 10th - 6:30am to 8:30am - Suncorp Stadium and surrounds (leaves from Activ)
  • Saturday, September 17rd - 6:30am to 8:30am - Activ (outdoor) - GRADUATION RIDE!


  • Activ Cycle Coaching - Milton
  • Suncorp Stadium (meet at Activ at the listed start time)
  • On the road between Activ Milton and St Lucia (University of Queensland) (meet at Activ)


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Thu September 1st Indoor
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Sat September 3rd Outdoor
6:30am - 8:30am
Suncorp Stadium and surrounds (leaves from Activ)
Thu September 8th Indoor
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Sat September 10th Outdoor
6:30am - 8:30am
Suncorp Stadium and surrounds (leaves from Activ)
Sat September 17rd Outdoor
6:30am - 8:30am
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