Lactate Profiling and Testing

Watt Bike A watt-bike is used to measure power and torque while the test is run. Watt-bikes are able to record the torque being applied at 100 discrete points in a single pedal stroke.

A lactate threshold test is used to give an accurate reading on power and heart-rate at lactate threshold. This power / heart-rate is then used to determine appropriate training zones and racing zones (primarily in triathlon or time-trials).

Test Protocol

Similar to a regular ramp power test, the rider rides on the "Watt Bike" which measures their power and torque (force) generation throughout the ramp test.

Small blood samples are collected and analysed (using pin prick extraction) during a cycle ergometer test.

Lactate production analysis shows points of

It also "paints a picture" of the rider's aerobic and anaerobic reliance (efficiency) that are some of the most important markers for determining training priorities. If you are going to have one test, then this should be it.

Power Zone Analysis

Determination of a rider's power zones is critical for setting an effective training program.

Lactate analysis and functional capacity testing will pinpoint:

Testing Details

Regular Price
Member Price
Discounts offered for group bookings or multiple lactate tests booked at the same time.
  • The test takes two hours and needs to be booked in advance.
  • Includes basic pedal stroke analysis
  • You will receive a written report within a week detailing the test outcomes including strengths and weaknesses to feed into your training plan - "Train your weaknesses, race your strengths"