The Coaching Advantage

Coaching is inarguably a great way to improve skills in any facet of your life. Learn from a more experienced person who has a larger base of experience due to their time using the skill.

In cycling this is no different.

Coaching allows you to tap into the knowledge and skills of a cycling coach, personal trainer, exercise physiologist who can offer their insight and experience in how you can achieve your goals.

Activ's default level of coaching sees you riding with expert riders and coaches who are able to give you on-road feedback and advice on your training and progress.

Why would I need coaching?

It's just riding a bike.

At a basic level - you're right - it's just riding a bike. But if you want to improve those skills rapidly, ride with other people, ride faster or more efficiently, then Activ's coached sessions will help you improve quickly.

It is said that mastery of a skill takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice - just riding a river loop on your own will give you experience, but not the deliberate practice that will take you on the journey to mastery.

Why would I need personalised coaching?

I found this training plan on the web.

Moving to the next level of coaching - personalised programs and instruction - will see you gain the edge over your fellow competitors.

Time and again we see smart and experienced cyclists do foolish things during training, before and after races.

If you want to reach your potential, then you need the steadying hand of an expert coach on your team.

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