Strength and Conditioning
Wednesday, 12th October 2016 (almost 2 years ago)

Strength and Conditioning

Activ's strength and conditioning gym program is a 10-week gym program that forms part of your overall fitness program to deliver improvements in strength, power, endurance and general health.


The program is delivered by Tane Crosby; Tane has recently completed his Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and has also completed his Cert III/IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer).

Tane's experience includes:

Program Inclusions

What's the "point" of Strength and Conditioning

The primary goal for any athletic training program is to improve the performance and results you receive in that sport.

At a Master's level, we're also interested in ensuring long term health and ability to train.

Strength and conditioning helps meet these goals by

This program is available to both Activ members and non-members.

Session Dates

Sessions are held Wednesdays 5:00am - at Flow2 gym - this time fits in with the bulk of our regular clients and lets us keep the cost of the program low.

Casual Sessions

Strength and conditioning is built around consistency - we have found that without a commitment to the program it is all too easy for participants to sleep in!

Unfortunately, this isn't sustainable, as group sizes are strictly limited to 8 participants - and we need to know who is turning up each week.

If you'd like to discuss a personal program (S&C) or another date / time - then we are taking expressions of interest - email

Gym (Flow2) Location

Please see the Flow2 website for location, parking and access details.

Next Steps

1 - Payment for Program

Complete program registration and payment

2 - Pre-Exercise Screening

Please review, complete and return page 1 of the pre-exercise screening document

For new S&C clients only.

3 - Pre-Program Assessment

If you have answered YES to any of the screening questions then please contact Activ prior to the course so we can more properly evaluate the specific risk factors for this program.


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