The Challenges of Getting and Staying "Fit"
Saturday, 2nd July 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Too cold to ride?

Have you been out riding your bike? Struggled to achieve your fitness goal? Not sure what an appropriate fitness goal even is...

We know that feeling

If you saw some initial improvements, but then it rained and you stopped riding for a few weeks, lost focus, and now your bike has dust on the seat...

We know how you feel

If you've woken up to go for a ride on a Saturday morning, it's been too cold, and you went back to sleep...

We've been there

If you've had a "bad" day at work, and need to stop thinking about work before you go home...

We've done that too!

Our coaches have either seen clients with those very same struggles, or in the case of our senior coaches - have been there and lived through the stresses of attaining "work-life balance" (or are still working on the balance!).

Fit exercise into your lifestyle

Our clients often find the best successes when they commit to one or two mornings per week - knocking over an early training session before work.

Commit to an event

An event or challenge can be the perfect way to set your goals and keep you focussed when the cold / work / family / life tries to break you down.

For example - Brisbane to Gold Coast (16 October 2016) or the Noosa triathlon are often big challenges that people set for themselves.

Let us show you how to improve!

Activ's training system quickly assesses your fitness level and put you on the track to improving fitness and challenging you at exactly the right level. Whether you are a beginner bike rider, or an elite athlete, you will be appropriately challenged within a week of riding at Activ (it takes a quick power test to accurately dial in the system).

And not only do you benefit from the social riding outdoors, you can build your fitness in the warmth of our indoor centre.

If you’re stuck in a rut, need friends on the road, or want to improve your overall fitness with some smart and effective training. Then give us a call on 3172 1156 or contact as via email (

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