The Kilo Challenge
Ben Walding
Saturday, 18th June 2016 (about 2 years ago)


"The Kilo" is a simple event - ride as fast as you can to cover 1000m from a standing start.

The reality is that it is a tough event for such a short interval. The first 40s is horrible (but you feel strong), then next 40s is demoralising as it hurts even more (but you feel weak).

Taking Part

Turn up at Activ and state loudly - "I wish to test my legs on the kilo" - we'll run you through the event from there on out!

Icecream Challenge

Over coffee it was suggested that the "Kilo" could actually be how long it takes you to eat a kilogram of icecream.

We have not completed specifying the rules for this event - Jacob Walding is doing repeats to determine if it is safe for the general public.


We recommend that you try with a Fast Start strategy, and see how that feels. You can certainly try this event a few times!

Energy Production

Energy system power production for a given event duration

So at 100s (1m40s), 10% of energy will have been produced via ATP-Pcr (sprint), 35% by glycolysis (anaerobic), and 55% by aerobic production.


Check out the chalkboard for results on the current leaderboard.

Activ Blackboard

We will record your completion time, average power and let you know where you rank in your division.

World Record

Men - 56.303s (1000m ITT) - François Pervis Women - 32.794s (500m ITT) - Anastasiia Voinova


  1. Load your bike onto a Computrainer
  2. Warmup for AT LEAST 10 minutes
  3. Calibrate somewhere between 2.9 and 3.1
  4. Recalibrate within 0.05 of last calibration
  5. Wait for the indoor coach to start the count down.
  6. Completely stop your bike and wheel.
  7. "3", "2", "1", go
  8. Pedal as hard as you possibly can to cover the 1000m flat course.
  9. Rejoice at the event being over.

Be careful when stepping off bike as there is a tendency for jelly legs - even for such a short event!


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