Indoor cycling - not just for super-fit athletes!
Ben Walding
Sunday, 22nd May 2016 (about 2 years ago)

Why would I ever want to ride a bike indoors?

We often get asked (by new and experienced riders) what the fascination is with indoor cycling. We find that most people don't really understand the joys of cycling, or the advantages that indoor cycling can bring as part of a broader training program.

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Will I fit in at an Activ indoor session?

There is a misconception that all Activ riders are super-fit race-mad riders. The truth is that we have a very broad range of riders, from mum's and dad's who have never ridden before, through to National champions and A grade riders.

We think that the confusion has come about by our most prominent members being very successful.

One of our riders came to us weighing 135kg and bike free since 1993, he now races Club A grade and weighs 85kg. He also has a new job, a better haircut, a house, and dog - successful in every aspect!

I'm pushed for time - can you help?

There is NO faster way to get your training done. You will be out the Activ door at 6:35am, having completed a challenging cardio-vascular workout.

For the performance athlete, you are able to hit exactly the right zones and times to maximise the return on your time investment.

Indoors is boring, outdoors is free, why would I pay?

We usually hear this from riders who have trained at home on a trainer. We agree. Training at home on a trainer is boring. Even with Zwift or Trainer Road you will struggle to complete sessions regularly due to extreme boredom.

Compare this to training with a room full of like-minded friends / mates / competitors, and you will quickly see why our indoor sessions bring the joy back to indoor cycling.

We know you will see value in our training systems - that's why we offer a free 2 week trial for you to try it out!

3 minutes on 4 minutes off - is that it?

Many riders are used to fairly formulaic training sessions - 3 minutes at race pace, 4 minutes easy.

Activ's power testing and custom software delivers targetted training to all riders, keeping you at an achievable but challenging level of effort.

Our race videos will keep you entertained as you see what our racers see during club-rides, criteriums and road races.

2 week free trial


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