Coot-tha Burn
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015 (almost 3 years ago)

The dates and course for the "Coot-tha Burn" have been announced - February 13th 2016.

If you're looking for a challenge and experiencing the buzz of an uphill timetrial (quite rare in Brisbane) - then this might be the event for you!

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The Course

203m of elevation gain over 2000m - an average gradient of 10.2%

This course is slightly shorter than the KOM / Santos TDU route - approximately 30s shorter and finishing in front of Channel 10.

Can I do it?

Climbing hills is part physical and part mental - we find that most people who question their ability to get up hills like Mt Coot-tha don't lack fundamental fitness - rather they have some bad habits that are letting them down when climbing.

We can help you with that.

Can you make me faster?

Yes. Nearly all riders who are new to riding Mt Coot-tha - or who haven't been coached on riding hills have a variety of skills that can be improved - sometimes dramatically.

Our coaches have taken many riders who were consistently riding 10 minute Mt Coot-tha and turned them into 9 minute riders in weeks.

Our most significant improvement so far has been turning a 21 minute rider into a 9 minute rider - and we're still working on him!

Can you make me as fast as Samuel Volkers?

Let's be serious now - he is doing a 5:59 and climbing at more than 1800VAM/hr (vertical ascent - metres per hour) - seriously smoking up the hill!

Coot-tha Burn Program

Contact us now to find out about our Coot-tha Burn Program which will have you riding faster and more consistently up Mt Coot-tha.

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