Racing - Lifecycle Club Criterium - 19th September 2015
Saturday, 19th September 2015 (almost 3 years ago)

What a great day of racing!

Perfect weather, a bit too much wind, and a great turn out from the Activ team.

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Womens D

Women's D grade podium

Mikaela has found the fire, sprinting away from the field in the final push to the line after the bridge. Deborah following in hot-pursuit to make it 1-2.

Result - Mikaela 1st, Deborah 2nd

Mens D

Newly punished Activ rider - Andrew - still riding incognito in his Lifecycle kit - broke away with Jon early in the race and held on to finish 2nd in the field sprint. The photos are not clear - but it looks like Jon was attempting to push off Andrew in the sprint for all important bragging rights!

Result - Andrew 2nd

Mens C

Men's C grade finish

Bill attacked early - accelerating hard off the line to entertain the crowd with his antics - the crowd was heard to ooh and aah over a mutterings of "What on earth is Bill doing?".

James then attacked the field a few laps later, working with another rider to put 30s into the field before it came back together for the prime. Jacob monstering his big chain ring to take it out.

The final sprint was a 5 wide field sprint - with James, Jacob, Bill, Dale all lighting up their legs in the final sprint.

The constant badgering to "throw yer bike" at training paid off with James taking 1st, Jacob 2nd, Dale 4th and Bill 7th.

Result - James 1st, Jacob 2nd, Dale 4th, Bill 7th

Mens A/B

There were many deflated sighs heard when Chris Williams - US Pro - rolled into Nundah to "have an easy roll" - his second crit of the morning.

True to form, he got on the front after 2 laps and pulled out the ladle of hurt and started giving everyone big helpings. A crack formed in the front of the field and Ben / Brynley made the junction to the breakaway with a third rider.

The Williams pain-train proved too fast for Ben, popping him off the back after 4 laps (averages sitting in - 188 BPM and 380W). Brynley followed Ben's lead a few laps later.

The chase group formed and started racing for 2nd place as Chris continued his plan to lap the field - chasing down the final rider from the break who was now in no-mans-land.

Brynley lit the touch-paper in the final sprint - jumping clear of the peloton and taking 2nd place.

Brett and Ben finished the race - 56 minutes + 3 laps - what kind of example would it set if they pulled the pin early!

Result - Brynley 2nd

A grade breakaway


Congratulations to everyone who raced but was not mentioned - your time in the sun will come!

It was great to see so many riders in the black and orange - and next month we'll unleash a new batch of riders who are taking up their 2016 licence on October 1st.

We have outdoor training sessions on Wednesday that focus on race skills and suffering.

As always - if you're interested in racing - please contact Ben Walding on


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