Milkshake Racing combines the best parts of competitive cycling and creates a dynamic environment for riders to socialise, race and excel in.

There is more to life than cycling, but if you've devoted a significant amount of time and resources to an endeavour, then you want to achieve your potential.

The Milkshake Racing coaches are able to help you unlock more of your potential, faster and with fewer sacrifices.

Group training - the competitive edge


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Group training with a competitive glint in your eye.

Challenge yourself, push your limits, have a coffee afterwards.

Team oriented racing


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Race as a team, or just have some fellow competitors to have a coffee with afterwards.

It's no fun racing on your own, winning on your own and having no one to tell.



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Accelerate your progression with coaching. Pressed for time and want to fast-track your progression?

Tap into the experience of our coaches who are adept at challenging and encouraging you!